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Nael Medical is the main distributor of MRI equipment from SciMedix, that is creating a new horizon in the MRI industry. It offers high quality products at an economic price.

SciMedix provides solutions designed to maximize profit for healthcare business.

SM160 1.5T MRI System

For the first time in Korea, SciMedix developed a 16 Channel 1.5T Superconductive MRI system, which consists of a comprehensive clinical software package along with hardware such as Parallel Spectrometer, parallel imaging enabled multi-core element RF Coil system and high performance Gradient system.



  • Actively shielded magnet with superb homogeneity which enables high quality imaging and light weight system for easy and cost-effective siting.
  • Short bore magent


  • SciMedix incorporates a high performance gradient system for fast imaging ang high SNR.
  • Powerful 33mT/m gradient strength and 150mT/m/ms slew rate
  • Possibility of combining cavitation with other aesthetic medicine treatments
  • Body Coil:

    • Unique integrated Body Coil with excellent B1 uniformity for high quality images.
    • Optimized RF efficiency and low SAR.

    RF System:

    • All coils are designed for parallel imaging, which provides superior image quality for the whole body.
    • The system provides excellent RF power and uniformity for all types of image acquisitions.
    • A unique feature of the SciMedix 1.5T family is the option to upgrade economically from our 4 channel system to our 8 or 16 channel architecture and beyond.

    Integrated Work Space:

    • The work space and computer system are integrated for post-processing and image evaluation.
    • Patient motion can be monitored from either the console or any other convenient location.

    Remote Preventive Maintenance Service (RPMS)


    • Monitor site information (RPMS server)
    • Notify site problems to Technical Support (RPMS server)
    • Analyze problems (R&D, Technical Support)
    • Correct problems (R&D, Technical Support)