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ANDROMEDA is a German medical engineering company specializing in the development and manufacture of innovative urodynamic measurement systems and consumables. We are the market leader for urodynamic analysis in the German-speaking countries and market our products in over 50 other nations worldwide.

Ellipse – The modular urodynamics system

Quick, precise and efficient diagnosis:

The Ellipse system allows all ICSstandardised examinations to be carried out easily and comfortably, delivering the entire spectrum of analytical measurements in just one sitting. High sampling rates maximise measurement density, while an artefact detector identifies and compensates for irregularities occurring during the examination. Powerful integrated software generates high-contrast graphic curves, thus facilitating a sound diagnosis.

Ellipse can be progressively extended in its use by combining standard components with application-specific assemblies. Updates covering new analysis methods are easily integrated into the system, ensuring its long-term utility.

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Flowmeter Conus

CONUS – The precise and cost-effective solution

The measurement of flow rate and volume is part of any standard urological examination. It should thus ideally be carried out rapidly, conveniently, and precisely.

ANDROMEDA has developed the CONUS, a uroflow system that fulfils these criteria in a unique way.


  • The artefact detector ensures that the device is insensitive to vibration during micturition. Precise measurements are assured.
  • The modular configuration allows users to conduct extensive diagnosis at the PC, or to print out results on a connected printer.
One system. Two options.
  • CONUS plus PC

    The system for convenient analyses and data management

  • CONUS Home-Flow

    The system for straightforward home use with subsequent analysis

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Ellipse Chair – The fully integrated urodynamic measurement system

Maximum precision and ergonomic comfort in urodynamics

Fully integrated and well thought out in every detail:

The concept behind this fully integrated urodynamic measurement system: All analysis functions are permanently installed in the urogynaecological chair, including the flow system, catheter puller and pressure transducers. These move to follow any alterations to the position of the chair. The Ellipse Chair allows the entire range of urodynamic analyses to be completed in one sitting.

Further benefits:

  • Measurement in a seated, lying or standing position
  • Reproducible high-quality measurement results
  • Minimisation of artefacts
  • More relaxed examination procedure for the patient

A host of other cost-efficiency factors add more arguments in favour of the Ellipse Chair:

  • Brief, comfortable and cost-efficient examinations
  • Short set-up and reconfiguration
  • Multi-purpose use through optional features

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Helix – compact size, competitive price

Urodynamics – reliable, flexible and economical

The Helix can manage the entire spectrum of urodynamic measurements combined with simple, quick and effective operation. Clinicians can now delegate most of the work involved in preparing the urodynamic procedure and automatic analysis of the results saves time, money and effort. Helix users are able to modify the automatic analysis at the touch of a button and print the results instantly.

Additional advantages:

  • Quick and easy to set-up
  • High quality measurement results
  • Low capital investment costs
  • Network Integration capabilities
  • Wireless functionality

The Helix has been designed to maximise efficiency, minimise costs and simplify the urodynamic process to allow the clinician to focus their attention on the patient.

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