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Nael Medical is the distributor for EDAP-TMS, a French leading company in urology products, and mobile lithotripter for renting at different hospitals across the UAE.

By combining the latest technologies in imaging and treatment modalities in its complete range of Robotic HIFU devices, EDAP TMS just introduced the Focal One® as the answer to all requirements for ideal focal therapy of prostate cancer as a complement to the existing Ablatherm® HIFU.

As a pioneer and key player in the field of extracorporeal lithotripsy (ESWL), we exclusively utilized the latest generation of shock wave source in its Sonolith® range of ESWL systems.

ESWL Sonolith®

ESWL Sonolith®

EDAP TMS’ expertise in developing lithotripters makes the Company a key player in ESWL with a full range of extracorporeal shock-wave lithotripters suited to answer the needs of all types of medical centers.

From the Sonolith® Praktis that enables great flexibility for smaller centers to the versatile Sonolith® i-move, all the way to the Sonolith® i-sys for larger centers with a dedicated room, EDAP TMS’ lithotripters use the patented Electroconductive technology to offer the best results combined with intuitive and user-friendly devices.

Patented Electroconductive Technology Benefits

  • Power and accuracy
  • Reliable and safe
  • Universal efficacy on all stone types and sizes

Sonolith® i-Move

Sonolith® i-Move, the new generation of modular lithotripter by EDAP TMS setting standards for the future of ESWL.

Exclusive VisioTrack system for unique stone localization and follow-up during treatment

  • Infrared Stereo Vision Technology
  • Hand-held Ultrasound probe for easy access to all stones
  • Automatic localization
  • Smart Ultrasound image display on touch screen interface
  • Real-time tracking of the stone during treatment

Sonolith® i-Move: a versatile modular lithotripter adapted to all patients

  • Extended penetration depth up to 180mm for obese patients
  • Increased patient comfort with the 250mm treatment generator
  • Designed for endo-urology procedures
Sonolith® i-Move

State-of-the-art fragmentation technology: Electroconductivity

  • EDAP TMS and Inserm patented technology
  • Proven fragmentation efficacy and fineness
  • Consistent efficiency over time with the patented Automatic Pressure Regulator

Smart investment

  • EDAP TMS and Inserm patented technology
  • Many configurations available to adapt to all needs
  • Compatible with most X-ray C-arms and Ultrasound scanners available
  • Rationalized capital investment for optimal performance
  • Mobile device for pay-per-procedure solutions and intra-hospital shared ESWL

Sonolith® i-Sys

Sonolith® i-Sys Electroconductive Shock-wave Lithotripter

  • Ideal for public or private centers with moderate to high patient load
  • Fully integrated and transportable
  • Exclusive intuitive localization system “Stone Locking System” for a unique robotization level
  • Clinical versatility for ESWL and endourology procedures

Patient comfort first

  • Sonolith® i-Sys exclusive shock-wave generator features a penetration depth up to 210mm so that obese patients can benefit from painless, safe and efficient ESWL.
  • The 290mm generator diameter combined with a maximum shock wave entry area on patient skin of 914mm² (beam angle at F2 is 80°) produces very little pressure on the patient’s skin resulting in a pain-free treatment.
  • Treatment can be done without any anesthesia.

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Sonolith® Praktis modular lithotripter featuring the patented Electroconductive technology for investment optimization and clinical performance.

As part of a new modular endourological platform concept, the Sonolith® Praktis combines the latest technology developed in extracorporeal lithotripsy, electroconductivity, with a compact and innovative design.

The Sonolith® Praktis can be easily coupled with most currently used X-Ray C-arms and ultrasound scanners for accurate localization and real-time monitoring in the treatment of lithiases.

  • Ideal for private centers with moderate patient load
  • Unique compatibility with most imaging systems
  • Compact, modular and easily transportable
  • Access to endourology applications

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Focal•One Robot-Assisted Prostate Tumorectomy

Focal Strategy for Prostate Cancer is taking a growing role in today’s surgical practice. By combining all the latest technologies in imaging and treatment, Focal•One brings the answer to all requirements for ideal focal therapy: accurate and MR-fused imaging, non-invasive surgical approach, precise and efficient therapeutic energy and end-of-treatment validation imaging.

The video shows a live treatment of prostate cancer with a Focal One device. Focal treatment step by step by Dr. S. Crouzet and A. Gelet at Edouard Herriot Hospital in Lyon, France.

Focal One Robot-Assisted Prostate Tumorectomy

Optimal technology combination for ideal focal efficacy

  • MRI Import and Fusion with real-time ultrasound imaging
  • Precise contour definition of target areas
  • Non-invasive ultimate HIFU technology
  • Precise robotic movements
  • Unique Dynamic Focusing technology
  • Real-time tracking and adjustment of energy delivered
  • Confirmation and possible completion of untreated area
  • Quality of Life preservation
  • All treatments remain salvage options

Ablatherm® HIFU

Worldwide, Ablatherm® HIFU is the fastest growing minimally-invasive treatment for localized prostate cancer. HIFU is a precise local treatment that can be completed in one session and that can be repeated if necessary. It is a radiation-free treatment with a low complication rate and a short period of hospitalization.

Ablatherm® HIFU has been designed and developed to treat patients with localized prostate cancer (T1-T2) and it is an effective and curative option for those localized prostate cancer patients who represent 70% of new prostate cancer diagnosed every year. Ablatherm® HIFU is also effective for patients who have local recurrence after external radiation therapy (“salvage” treatment).

EDAP TMS exclusive Dynamic Focusing technology
Ablatherm® HIFU

A state-of-the-art robotic assistant

  • Precise and irreversible coagulation necrosis
  • Preservation of surrounding tissue
  • 3 treatment options with distinct power algorithms
  • Complete, partial or nerve-sparing treatment strategy
  • Early feed-back with Nadir PSA
  • Repeatable treatment (with no Gleason score increase)
  • Does not foreclude other treatment options
  • Minimally-invasive — Radiation free